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Bunny Kisses

Thank you for partnering with Chester and Bloom Softly to help save bunnies

Use offer code Chester

save 15% on your entire order

and we will also donate 15% to the SPCA. 

Every year, almost 150,000 bunnies are tested on in the United States and nearly 400,000 worldwide. If we all used more natural products and less chemical products, a large amount of this testing would not occur. Great skincare is good for both you and our furry friends. No bunnies should have to undergo horrible tests when there are amazing products that contain only the best all-natural ingredients and work amazingly well. It's better for all of us!

That is why we knew we had to partner with Chester and his mom Briana to bring light to the horrible situation many of Chester's bunny friends are in. Chester was a rescue himself when Briana adopted him from the SPCA and now we all have the opportunity to help save more cuddly bunnies just like Chester. 

We guarantee your skin and lips will be softer and more moisturized after your very first use. So not only will you feel better on the outside, you will feel better on the inside knowing you helped save bunnies just like Chester, received an extra 15% off, and avoided horrible chemical ingredients that pollute both our bodies and our environment while being tested on way too many of our furry friends. 

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