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See for yourself what our customers are saying. 

100% of our customers love Bloom Softly.

Don't wait, bloom with us!

    "This stuff is amazing in so many ways. I have suffered from trigger thumb for years. I massage the balm into my thumb joints daily and all the pain has disappeared and my thumb moves freely again."

                ~A. Lewis

"The Recovery Balm successfully faded a year-old scar on my leg. It has healed chapped lips and sores. It also has helped clear my daughter's acne."

            ~Angela S.

" I really became obsessed with finding and using non-toxic products when I was pregnant with my third child. I rubbed the Whipped Creme on my belly every day and felt great knowing I was putting something healthy on my body. Now that my daughter is here, I rub it on her as well. Thank you!"

                    ~Elise T.

"Thrilled to have found a completely safe, soothing, and restoring moisturizer. I immediately noticed my skin was softer and more youthful.... even better than my previous high-end skincare. Beyond the wonderful instant results, and more importantly, it is all organic with ZERO fillers. Regardless of your age, male or female, I highly recommend trying Bloom Softly!"

                          ~Tracy C.

"I had robotic surgery on my abdomen. However, I was left with five scars right in the middle of my stomach. I am using recovery balm as my scars heal. My doctor and my friends can not believe how great my scars are looking!"

                ~Ann K

"Absolutely gorgeous products and made in the USA!"


"I am truly amazed with your Bloom Softly product!!! After just one use, I can really feel a difference!!! It is that awesome!!! I just had to douse myself again today."

-Kelly T.

I realize my opinion may be biased; however, I need to let you know that I am not only the owner of Bloom softly, but My family and I are also avid users of our products. There is never a time we are without several different jars of different formulations of our products next to the bathroom sink. Our family of five eagerly dip their fingers into their favs and smother it on every scratch or cut, all bumps and bruises, and indeed on every itchy bug bite. It goes onto every sunburn and chapped lip in our home. My sons have massaged their sore muscles after lacrosse tournaments with it. My husband rubs it on his forehead every morning, the only place on his face without hair, so he can avoid wrinkles. I have one kid who swears it smells so good that he wants to eat it. Ha! 

As for me, I was blessed with the world's driest skin. (thanks dad) My husband teases me that they could make boots from the flakey skin on my legs. Name a cream; I've tried it. Nothing has ever worked for me. But my skin does some fantastic things with ghee on it! It is not dry at all, glows, and has a dewy appearance, but above all, my skin is so soft. I don't even wear makeup on most days, yet I get comments on how nice my skin looks. That'll make a girl feel good. Bloom softly was crafted for people just like me!

                                                                    ~Love to you, Lisa

Founder Lisa
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