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Pouring Massage Oil

Why Ghee

Ghee is truly a work of nature's art! Did you know ghee has been used in Indian medicine (Ayurveda) for centuries? Ghee is known to transport nutrients at a cellular level. Ghee is abundant in essential vitamins in their natural form. Ghee is scientifically proven to have no known side effects or intolerance. It is also known to aid the body in battling disease. 

Bloom Softly uses a proprietary Caprine Ghee. The ultimate ghee is that which comes from goats! Caprine Ghee is far superior to cow's ghee as it has 100% more nutrients. It is 98% made up of 12 beneficial fatty acids. It is ultra-hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic, and the body easily absorbs ghee. Ghee adds glow, increases elasticity, and strengthens the skin's microbiome.

In addition, because all of these fatty acids come from a natural source, they did not have to be chemically extracted or fractionated by solvents. You get them in their whole, non-toxic form. So your body does not have to fight off chemicals in order to get the naturally nourishing benefits. 

The 12 amazing beneficial Fatty Acids of Bloom Softly Caprine Ghee

Butyric Acid:

  • Anti-inflammatory 

  • Anti-microbial

  • Increases skin elasticity


Caproic Acid:

  • Anticarcinogenic

  • Surfactant


Caprylic Acid:

  • Anti-oxidant

  • Anti-microbial 

  • Anti-fungal

  • Anti-inflammatory

  • Replenish skin

  • Resists moisture loss


Capric Acid:

  • Replenish skin

  • Resists moisture loss


Lauric Acid:

  • Sooth and strengthen skin microbiome

  • Sooth and calms inflamed skin

  • Antibacterial properties combat acne

  • Antiviral properties

  • Stops bacterial growth on the skin over 15 times better than chemical benzoyl peroxide


Myristic Acid:

  • Keeps skin hydrated

  • Provides youthful appearance


Palmitic Acid:

  • Smooths skin

  • Softens skin

  • Provides protective layer

  • Prevents moisture loss

Palmitoleic Acid:

  • Protects against oxidative damage

  • Encourages the development of new skin cells

  • Increases synthesis of elastin and collagen

  • Keeps skin strong and reduces appearance and onset of wrinkles

  • Moisturizer


Stearic Acid:

  • Smooth and softens skin

  • Shores up skin protective layer

  • Aids moisture retention


Oleic Acid:

  • Anti-inflammatory 

  • Stimulates healing

  • Shown to Calm, balance, and repair skin

  • Shown to work on eczema, rosacea, and psoriasis

  • Provides deep hydration

  • Soothes irritated skin

  • Reinforces integrity of cell membranes


Linoleic Acid:

  • Easily absorbs into skin

  • Stimulates cellular turnover

  • Studies indicate almost immediate noticeable results

  • Improves fine lines, wrinkles, photodamaged skin, crepey arm skin

  • Increases epidermal thickness


Linolenic Acid:

  • Reduces blemishes

  • Conditions skin

  • Calms/soothes skin

  • Restorative properties

  • Anti-inflammatory

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