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Skin Hydration

Learn to Bloom

Tips and tricks for using Bloom Softly

True beauty begins on the inside.  A healthy body is often seen by the sparkle in your eyes and the radiant glow of your skin.

You are unique in the world. So care for yourself like the precious gem you are. Guard your heart and occupy it with pure, clean, beautiful things that bring your soul contentment. 

We are honored that you have made Bloom Softly part of your whole-body health. Soon this page will be full of different ways people have used Bloom Softly products to help them Bloom.............. Check back soon

What is a balm and why is it so different than a lotion?

What a great place to start! First, you must know this; if any cream or lotion has any water, it must contain preservatives. There is no way around it. It is just a fact. Water makes a breeding ground for bacteria. That being said, I am sure you just ran into your bathroom and grabbed your favorite "natural" lotion, read the ingredients only to discover that water is the first ingredient and that indeed there are other ingredients listed you can't pronounce. Sorry to tell ya..... not so natural. There is no hate in that. It is just facts. Water is a breeding ground for bacteria. So all of those products will have preservatives in them.  in addition, a lotion may have some sort of oil in it. However, as you know, oil and water don't mix. Therefore there will be all kinds of binders and emulsifiers, and those are mainly petroleum. But hey, petroleum is natural right? Next, the way that lotion smells like candy or flowers or fruit, yep you have to be aware a lot of them are toxic. I bet you get the picture.

Enter Bloom Softly. It has not a single drop of water. Therefore there is no need for preservatives. Our organic triple filtered non bleached bees wax is naturally fragranced with the aroma of warm sweet honey. Ghee is  

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